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Smoother Skin Cream™

Smoother Skin Cream

A patented formula that eliminates ingrown hairs and bumps within 4 to 7 days. Contains NO STEARATES and evens skin tone.
Nels Pre-Shave Skin Conditioner

Nels Waterless Pre-Shave Skin Conditioner

Unisex formula. A waterless pre- shave preparation for use with shaving Razor only.

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Applicator Brush

For use with the waterless application of our Satin Shaving Cream Gel and the Pre-Shave Skin Conditioner
Nels Facial & Body Foaming Cleanser

Facial & Body Foaming Cleanser™

Gently deep cleans all skin types without drying skin out. Formulation retains essential minerals in the skin and gently moisturizes as it cleans.
Smoother Skin System Kit - 4 Products

Shaving Skin System Kit

30-Day Supply of Nels Skin Care Products. Use as a daily system protocol. SAVE 30% on the regular cost of products when ordered in this kit.

Nels Skin Care System Products

Nels Skin Care System Products

Nels Smoother Skin Cream product formulations are clinically proven to be effective in helping to eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs within four to seven days when used as directed. To maintain healthy, clear and smoother skin, you need to address the primary causes of skin problems, such as razor bumps, razor rash, itching, excessive dryness or oil, bacterial growth, and irritations from razor shaving, and any non-chemical forms of hair removal.

Nels brand products are scientifically formulated to respond to the underlying sources of the common skin problems which virtually everyone who removes bodily hair experiences. The products in the skin care line work in conjunction, and in synergy with each other to produce results that are noticeable and ongoing. Nels products are non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), gentle and soothing. All are completely safe for other skin indications like dryness, some pimple conditions, and sun damaged skin. Nels products are completely safe for daily and long-term use.